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  • How soon can I start lymphatic drainage?
    We recommend 3-5 days after surgery. However, some doctors suggest starting 1-2 weeks post-surgery. Please consult with your surgeon before hand.
  • How many will I need?
    We normally recommend 8-10 sessions depending on the area, procedure, and the recovery process which is different per person.
  • How long til I see results ?
    Results can vary, but some people notice a reduction in swelling and inflammation after one session. Regular sessions can lead to long term benefits.
  • How does lymphatic drainage aid in post-op?
    Lymphatic drainage will help the body get rid of excess anesthesia, reduce swelling and discomfort, and flush out the by-products from the surgery.
  • How can I get rid of swelling post-surgery?
    There are several ways to reduce swelling including: Manual Lymphatic Drainage Exercise and joint movement External compression Increase water intake
  • Is it possible to remove fibrosis?
    Some of these imperfections may resolve over time through manipulation therapy, while others may need to be cosmetically corrected.
  • What does non-invasive mean?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.The term refers to a variety of body shaping treatments that help you firm, trim, and reshape your body with surgery or liposuction. These treatments allow you to trim away the excess fat from your tights, buttocks, tummy, back, or Love handles. No downtime, no recovery, no needles, no pills.
  • Are there any side effects?
    Flue like symptoms, this is rare but can occur due to toxins in the fat being removed via the lymphatic system, causing congestion. Congested lymph pathways can lead to aches, pains, water retention, soreness, and flu like symptoms.
  • How long does the session last?
    Each body sculpting session lasts 60 mins. 10 mins of wood therapy, 40 minutes machine(ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency skin tightening), then ends with 10 mins of wood therapy.
  • What does wood therapy do?
    Wood Therapy relaxes the mind and body to reduce mental and physical tension. It also stimulates the organs and stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage for improved overall health.
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